10 Strange New Years Day Superstitions

Let me start by saying I am not superstitious, but I have to admit many of these peaked my interest as just good common sense! Happy New Year!

1. No sweeping

Don't sweep or dust on New Year’s Day - you could 'sweep your good luck away' 

2. No laundry

No laundry on New Year’s Day - you could ‘wash a loved one away'.

3. Wear new clothing on New Year’s Eve

New clothes on New Years Day means next year will bring no shortage of garments.

4. Do not eat chicken 

Do not eat chicken on New Year’s Day - Chickens scratch in the dirt all year for their dinner all year and you will too... in other words you'll be bringing poverty upon yourself.

5. Hang a lemon and some noise

Hanging lemons in doorways is another old-fashioned tradition designed to keep that good energy flowing. 

6. Make some noise

Ever wonder why the noise makers? fireworks, bells, whistle and loud noises are said to ward off evil spirits and thoughts. So forget about your quiet evening!

7. Don't cry on New Years Day

Don't start your new year crying or feeling sad - this sets the tone for the rest of the year. If your football team loses it's bowl game, just suck it up!

8. Don't Eat Lobster

Lobster could cause bad luck in the coming year because it moves in a backward direction and could mean setbacks in the year ahead.

9. Avoid crying cats

If you hear cats mewing, it's a bad omen. 

10. Open the doors

Open your doors and windows to let the new year come in and send the old one out! 

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