BTS Of My Selfie With George Strait!

The George Strait Selfie
Angie Ward and George Strait 2019 - Atlanta, GA

I love George Strait! If you have ever listened to me on the radio you know that already! However, I have some weird reaction whenever I am in his presence...I cry. Not just a few tears you can wipe away. The bumbling, sniffling, can't your catch breath kinda cry.

The first time I met him in 1998 in Raleigh, NC I burst into tears and rambled. "I love yo so much! Do you have a flaw? If you had a flaw that I knew about maybe you wouldn't be so perfect to me and I wouldn't be so obsessed!" He paused, thought about it and said calmly: "Ask Norma (his wife) if anyone can point out my flaws it's her!" He then smiled for a picture. (See below)

The next time was a few years later in Charlotte NC ...cried. Again a few years later in Greensboro, NC....cried.

In 2014, he stopped in Atlanta for his "Cowboy Rides Away" Tour. My sister Amanda and I were in line to talk to him. My eyes started filling up. She jabbed me in the ribs with her elbow and said: "Oh no! Not again! Be cool! BE COOL! Get Control!"

I bit my lip. I held my breath. I burst into tears when I got beside him.

Once again in his calm southern drawl he said with a confused look: "Are you crying?" I nodded. "Why are you crying?" He asked.

I sucked in my tears and said:"I don't want to say goodbye to you!"

He gave me a look like I was crazy and said: "Goodbye?! Why do you think we are saying Goodbye?" (As if we were neighbors who saw each other at the mailbox each morning!)

Rambling sniffling me: "Because it's the Cowboy Rides Away tour and you are retiring and I will never see you in person again...."

He shook his head: "Hold on. I'm not retiring. Who said I was retiring? I'm just taking a break." He then smiled for another pic.

During the show, he spotted me and my friends on the front row...because where else would we be?! He walked to the edge of the stage DURING the show, placed his mic right in front of me and said to the WHOLE CROWD:

"SOME people think I am retiring...I Am NOT retiring!"

True to his word, he came back to Atlanta last week! I was hanging out at a private tasting for his Codigo 1530 Tequila and in he walks! For the first time in 20 years...I DID NOT CRY! In fact, I got a selfie! Thank you KING GEORGE!

Pix below of me with George over the years from our first meeting in 1998 until now!

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