Granger Smith and Amber speak out about the recent loss of their son River

Granger Smith and his wife Amber posted a video this week, finally speaking out since the tragic loss of their 3-year-old son River. River drowned in their pool 2 weeks ago.

"I’ve been dark on social media, but I still have a full understanding of the responsibility placed upon me as a public figure. I can choose to snuff that influence, or instead use my platform (in relevancy big or small) towards what I believe is right. I believe I’m obligated on certain levels to include you guys in my current journey, as I’ve been involved either personally or musically in yours. " Granger stats in the video's description.

He also said his tour will resume next week and his whole family will be on the road with him. For the time being, he will not do meet and greets with fans as they continue to heal as a family.

In the video, Granger and Amber share their message of hope and at the end they also share the video that was played at River's memorial service, a sweet look back at his 3 years on earth.

Days after his passing, the family created a t-shirt in River's memory and have already raised over $100,000 for Dell Children's Medical Center, the hospital and staff that worked to save his life.

If you'd like to buy a Riv shirt and support Dell Childrens Medical Center click here.

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