Navy Seal Climbs Flag Pole At National Monument To Straighten American Flag

Navy SEAL Dan Raso was on his morning run and noticed the American Flag on the pole at the Navy Seal Monument at 38th and Boardwalk in Virginia Beach had come loose and was not flying properly. So what did he do? He climbed the flag pole to to put it back in place!. He had tried three previous times and finally with a little boost, he was successful!

Here's His Post:

"After a 3.5 mile run and smoked from the previous attempts, This was my 4th attempt at trying to get up and fix the flag. Literally had to visualize what I was doing wrong and what I had to do to correct my inefficiencies in order to improve for the next attempt. I couldn’t go by this flag this morning and not give it everything I had. The gold stars on this monument and the sacrifice that has been made for... all us was something I wasn’t just going to pass by. This flag pole climb reminded me about EVERYTHING in life. There has been way to grave of sacrifice for me not to try. Once I do try I have to give it my ALL for them. If I fail...honor them by trying one more time and get better every time I do it. 🇺🇸 ARMR-UP #CRUSHEVERYTHING #ISTAND #ICLIMB #honor #GodblessAmerica thanks @bamfony for the boost! "

The Gold Stars he is referring to in his post are the 293 gold stars on the monument that represent every Navy SEAL who has been killed in the line of duty and nine gold K-9 paw prints for fallen war dogs.

He posted a follow up video:

"As long as this country continues to have great men and women willing to step up to do what is right, we will always prevail. It doesn’t take many, it just takes a determined and convicted few."

He also shared his story with Fox News.

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