Swarms Of Grasshoppers Take Over Vegas - Pizzeria finds a way to cash in

You may have heard about the latest invasion to Las Vegas ....Grasshoppers!

Thousands of them blanketed the streets of Las Vegas last week. Experts say high heat, low humidity and lots of breeding combined with the popular bright lights of Las Vegas have caused the phenomenon.

A local pizzeria is now looking to cash in on the phenom.

If you stop in Evel Pie you can now order a pizza topped with grasshoppers - The Canyon Hopper!

The restaurant posted a pic and description on Facebook.

"Only the bravest daredevils may try- Chorizo, Goat Cheese , Caramelized Onions. Arugula and yes lime and garlic roasted grasshoppers! Sure it sounds nasty , Arugula really? But, this pizza is damn good! It surprised us. We dare you to try it! Available while supplies last"

The company says the concoction is only for the bravest of daredevils, and is only available while supplies, or grasshoppers, last.

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