Your Smart Phone Is Making You Fat

New research presented at this year’s American College of Cardiology (ACC) Latin American Conferencein Cartagena, Colombia, has found that using your smartphone for more than five hours a day can increase your risk for obesity by 43%. People who were on their phones for five-plus hours a day were also twice as likely to drink more sugary drinks and eat more junk food. They also exercised less as well.

In other similar studies, participants had MRI brains scan while they were shown pictures and photos of tasty, fattening foods were mixed in with the images.

When the food images were viewed, activity increased in the part of the brain linked to food temptation and those participants also tended to have more body fat and spent more time at campus cafeterias

Here are some ways to avoid this problem, other than the obvious!

Prioritize a workout. If you like to scroll your phone in the morning, make an evening workout a priority.

Put down the phone during meals.

Leave it across the room while talking to family and friends.

Take small steps at minimizing your screen time.

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