December 26 Is National Moms’ Day Off

The day after Christmas is always a basket of emotions. Gratitude, disappointment, joy, excitement and to most Mom's , it's a day of relief! Relief that there are no more presents to shop for, purchase and wrap. No more clean the house for guest, cooking way too much food and trying to please everyone.

That's why Mom blogger Trish Sammer has declared December 26th National Mom's Day Off!

"I made up a new holiday, and I’d like to invite all of you to celebrate with me." she writes in her blog, Scary Mommy.

"I created this personal holiday years ago when I realized that from around December 22 until December 25, I sat down approximately three times. By the 26th, I was pooped."

She points out there are a few rules you must follow to participate:

Here are the rules:

1.Mom is Supreme Lord and Ruler of the remote from the time she wakes until bedtime (and possibly beyond, as it is perfectly acceptable to fall asleep on the couch).

2.The car does not leave the driveway.

3.Wine may be consumed starting at 11:30 a.m. (OK, 11).

4.No new food will be cooked. The menu is leftovers or anything that is scavengable and self-serve.

5.No getting dressed. (I adhered so strongly to this rule that last year, when I had a family event that was unmissable, I arrived in my pajamas and slippers.)

And lastly, She even has a poem to go along with it:

You’ve cooked, you’ve cleaned,

you’ve plotted, you’ve schemed

to make the holiday bright.

Now you’re tired.

Up to your elbows, you’re mired

in things that were meant to delight.

You need a break.

a drink (and a cake)

Some bad TV wouldn’t hurt.

Let the family eat leftovers

while you dine on Russell Stovers.

All kid requests you divert.

“You got new toys yesterday!”

“No, there’s no cooking today!”

The car keys remain in your hand baggy.

No shower for you,

no clothes except pj’s, it’s true.

Your hair can go limp and saggy

It’s December 26,

time to get your one-day fix

of being the Lordess of the Couch.

The remote is yours.

Into your glass, the wine pours. .

You’ve earned your day off, all could vouch.

Moms’ Day Off is December 26!

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