Atlanta Has An ‘Adults Only’ Barbie Beach??

It's enough to make Ken blush! There is a nude Barbie Beach in Atlanta, Georgia!

It is located in the town of Turin, Georgia in the front yard of Steve and Linda Quick’s front yard. It's a small area of sand where various Barbie and Ken dolls are place, most with no clothing?

But the dolls aren't just laying there getting an all-over tan. The couple changes up the scene, often around real-life current events.

The couple says the dolls are naked because that's how they are received when people donate them.

In the video interview below Linda Quick says, “It started with six naked Barbies, a pingpong net, a pingpong ball and a homemade sign for the Olympics in Turin.” That was Turin, Italy though.

And the nude Barbie Beach is so unusual there is even a movie about it that was entered in the Cannes Film Festival!

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