See How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus When You Fly!

In response to the spreading Coronavirus, many airlines have decided to suspend service to Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. And some airlines who are continuing to operate have decided to suspend their inflight service as a way to protect their flight attendants.

Health experts agree there is little you can do to stop getting infected, but there are steps to take to reduce your risk as you fly.

So If you must travel by plane, where is the best place to sit?

Start by sitting in a window seat. Passengers in the aisle and even middle seats are exposed to those who are walking the aisles and the area next to the window offers a better chance of remaining somewhat isolated.

Bulkhead seats, or the first row in any section, is also preferred as you have no one seated directly in front, where germs might be passed along.

Plus, because of those germs you should also take an alcoholic wipe and clean the armrests, tray table and the screen of the inflight entertainment system when you sit down. Planes are rarely cleaned (thoroughly) so taking a few minutes before departure to sanitize your travel space is always a good move.

Also, just leave the (germ filled) seat back pocket alone. Do you really need to use it?

If you are really concerned you won't seem crazy if you wear a mask during your flight.

Safe travels and stay well.

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