WATCH I-285 Blocked By Drivers To Do Burnouts And Fireworks

A group of drivers stopped all traffic under Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport’s fifth runway on I-285 to do drift racing donuts and set off fireworks!

Videos were posted to social media (Disclaimer: contains explicit language) of the event in Clayton County. after an organized group gathered in the road, some lighting fireworks, some videotaping what was happening, some doing "Fast & Furious"-style burnouts.

Witnesses interviewed by WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News said they were traveling eastbound on 285 when cars stopped in front of them while other cars who seemed to be part of the event raced past them. “It was something like out of a movie,” one said. “It was organized. They definitely had a system going.” “They were hanging out of the cars driving by with their phones, each one of them.”

The group dispersed after 911 was called and police officers started to arrive.

Clayton County police released a statement that read in part: “The Clayton County Police Department has no tolerance stance on drift racing, the elevated potential for loss of life and serious injury, but most importantly the disrespect for the laws and the citizens of this County. It is for this reason that we, in conjunction with surrounding law enforcement agencies, are working together to combat this blatantly devious behavior.”

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