Maybe We All Just Need To Have A Margarita With Luke Bryan!

There may never be a better time when we could all use something fun and light to take our minds off what is happening all around us right now. So let's watch Luke Bryan's latest video from BornHere, LiveHere, DieHere called One Margarita!

In an Instagram post Luke says, “we had too much fun filming this out in Mexico,” and “watch the video for my new song ‘One Margarita’ now on @youtubemusic! Do you see any familiar faces?”

Of course we recognize Bryan's wife Caroline and mom LeClaire...and he also mentions Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney in the lyrics

Everybody here ain't from here

But we're here doin' our thing

Lettin' go a little, little by little

Sippin' on a frozen drink

I'm in.

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