Your name on the MOON!

Forget writing your name on bathroom walls or carving initials in trees, you may soon be able to write your name on the Moon!

According to KXAN, a group of 10 University of Texas at Austin engineering students have designed a rover that can be programmed to write messages on the Moon’s surface. It’s called LEGACI, - Lunar Engraver with Geologic Autonomous Carving Instrument.

NASA honored the student team with two awards in a design competition, one in the project’s theme category and the other for excellence in commercial innovation.

If all goes as planned, LEGACI would charge people for how long the rover takes to write the messages. It charges $9.99 per second.

The team expected the average moon message to cost between $500 and $600.

The 10 students were seniors in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at Univerrristy of Texas Austin when they developed LEGACI.

They graduated in May 2020: Samuel Adams, Ali Babool, David Baier, Brianna Caughron, Jack Davidson, Justin Ganiban, Kevin Hicks, Akshat Ramadurai, Rebecca Wang and Syed.

To see what it could look like click here.

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