Surgical team at Children's hospital in Atlanta is Tik Tok famous!

Check out Emery's pediatric plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Williams and other great surgeons, nurses, techs, and staff from the Scottish Rite campus of Children's Health Care of Atlanta getting Tik Tok Famous!

Dr. Williams is Chief of Plastic Surgery and he is one of the nation's leading surgeons specializing care for kids and teens with cleft lip and palate, facial trauma and craniofacial syndromes.

We are fortunate enough to call him Emery's plastic surgeon! She was born with a bi-lateral cleft lip and full palate and Dr. Williams has done numerous surgeries on her. In fact, looking at her today at 5 years old you can barely tell she has had any work done!

Recently, he and some of his fellow hard working, dedicated staff at Scottish Rite took 14 seconds to bring smiles to the kids and families faces and show their "smooth moves" reach way further than the operating room!

The Post reads: “In a work day, these pediatric experts come together to surgically correct broken bones, repair craniofacial disorders and help parents through some of the scariest days of their lives. But for these 14 seconds, they had only one goal: create a video that would make their colleagues and patients’ families smile,”

These great people are are literally helping kids smile and putting smiles on their faces!

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