Putting up Christmas decorations early can make you haappier!

Haters don't hate! If you start seeing Christmas decorations in your neighbor's house earlier than usual, they are probably happier than you are!

According to Dr Elena Touroni, consultant psychologist and co-founder of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic getting those decorations up early can actually give your mental health a boost.

“This year’s been hard on all of us, and news of another lockdown, with further disappointments and cancelled plans, is likely to have brought up all kinds of difficult thoughts and feelings,” Dr. Touroni told Yahoo News.

“Planning enjoyable events and activities is a psychological strategy that can help build our capacity to cope with daily life.”

Dr Touroni says that knowing that there’s something to look forward to gives us a psychological reward, which can make it easier to push through difficult times.

“Christmas activities like decorating the house or the tree are happy (and often shared) experiences that provide a temporary break from the reality of what’s happening in the world right now,” she explains.

Other studies have also shown that looking at Christmas Decorations can create a neurological shift and spike in dopamine which is the hormone that makes us feel good.

This all makes sense. Remember back in the Spring when people had Christmas lights up in their yards? Makes me wonder why we ever took them down!

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