Man Builds Guitar Out of Dead Uncle's Skeleton

Prince Midnight, a musician from Tampa, Florida recently turned the remains of his dead Uncle Filip into a fully functioning guitar he has dubbed a "Skelecaster."

According to Huffington Post, Prince Midnight's Uncle Filip was who introduced him to Heavy Metal music when he was a kid. Sadly, in 1996 Filip died in a motorcycle accident in Greece at the age of 28. His skeleton was donated to a local college. 20 years later, the skeleton ended up in a wooden box in a cemetery in Greece that Prince Midnight's family paid rent on.

A local funeral home helped Prince Midnight have the remains flown back to the US and when they arrived they were in perfect condition! So he took the remains of a leftover Fender Telecaster and his Uncle's bones and created his "Skelecaster"!

See more photos here!

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