National Dolphin Day!

Angie Emery Dolphin

It's National Dolphin Day! I have it on my bucket list to swim with dolphins someday. I am pretty sure my Emery is going to grown up to work with them. She is OBSESSED!

She's only 6 but she has visited Dolphins in in Panama City Beach, FL at Gulf World and traveled to Clearwater, FL to Clearwater Marine Aquarium to see the famous Dolphin "Winter" from "A Dolphin's Tale" - Unfortunately, "Winter" wasn't seeing visitors the day Emery was there, so she met Nicholas (he's in the video below). Our next stop will be the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta!

Here are some webcams to do some Dolphin watching today!

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Dolphin Research Center breaks down National Dolphin Day. "It began as a way to raise awareness and ultimately end the hunting of dolphins."

  1. There are actually 40species of dolphins, but the most common species is the Bottlenose.
  2. Dolphins stay with their mothers for a long time; some stay up to eight years.
  3. Dolphins are nurturing toward sick or injured animals in their pod.
  4. Dolphins are very social animals and swim in groups called “pods.” Some pods can have up to 1,000 dolphins.
  5. When dolphins sleep, only half of their brain sleeps at a time. This means one side of their brain stays “on” so they can breathe and stay alert.
  6. Dolphins have around 100 teeth, but they’re not used for chewing. They use them like fish hooks to grab fish in the water, but then swallow them whole.
  7. Research shows that dolphins lived on land hundreds of years ago and adapted to living in water more recently. This
  8. Dolphins only migrate if they are not getting enough food.
  9. They have two stomachs—one is for digestion and the other food storage.
  10. Even though their skin is delicate and easily injured, dolphins heal remarkably fast.

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