Get paid over $16,000 to move to your dream location!

Location! Location! Location! We all learned during the pandemic that WHERE you live really does make a difference in your quality of life. Taking that huge step to actually move to a better location is top of mind and now there are towns and cities offering to pay you to do it and a website to help. Remote workers are being offered over $16,000 to relocate and the website Make My Move is helping. The site is connecting people with new places to live that are offering incentives from tax breaks to cash, mortgage forgiveness to tuition reimbursement, and more, all in hopes of boosting their own local populations. operates like an online marketplace, just with towns and cities. Communities, cities and towns can create listings, that let remote workers know what they can get if the relocate

As of today, there are 37 communities looking for new residents on

Beyond its listings, MakeMyMove also has a "Design Your Own" move feature. Users can list their ideal location and package offer. From there, the company will talk to local economic development programs to see if they can actually create it for you., according to MSN.

As for where people are flocking, Hock says the most popular incentive program is in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which is offering software engineers $10,000 toward a new home and $1,250 toward moving expenses. Check out the website now and refresh often to see when new offers come up so you can make your move too.

Southwest, Michigan - $16,000 offer- $15,000 forgivable grant for the purchase of a new home.- additional perks including an annual pass to local beaches, a one-year co-working space membership, car service to and from regional airports for a year, and two VIP passes to the 2022 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship.

Augusta, Maine - $15,560 plus additional benefits for STEM degrees and graduate degrees

Montpelier, Vermont - $15,000

Tulsa, Oklahoma- $10,000 and a co-working space membership

Topeka, Kansas -$10,000 towards your new home, or, if you're renting, a $5,000 subsidy of your living costs

Baltimore, Maryland - $5,000 for a down payment on a new home and homebuyers will be awarded the funds in the form of a 5-year forgivable loan

Buffalo, New York - $2,500 in the form of discounted homes

Honolulu, Hawaii- $2,500 in deep travel discounts and a free co-working space

Savannah, Georgia - $2,000 for moving expenses

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