Statue Of Liberty Gets A "Little Sister"

The Statue of Liberty has family coming into town for the 4th of July!

France is sending the United States a new, smaller scale, Statue of Liberty this summer-nicknamed the "little sister,"

It's nearly 10-foot-tall, bronze and has been on display at the National Museum of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) in Paris. She's coming to America and will be installed on New York's Ellis Island from July 1 to July 5 according to CNN .

"We want to send a very simple message: Our friendship with the United States is very important, particularly at this moment," Olivier Faron, general administrator of the CNAM, told CNN. "We have to conserve and defend our friendship."

The replica statue is 1/16 the size of the original Statue of Liberty.

FUN FACT: The Statue of Liberty represents the Roman goddess Libertas and was brought to New York in 1886 to strengthen ties between France and the United States.

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