Is Rock, Paper, Scissors replacing the football coin toss?

Who needs a coin toss when a good old fashioned game of rock, paper, scissors can do the trick?

Two Illinois high school football players from Elmwood/Brimfield and Lewistown traded the traditional coin toss for the hand game this past Friday. The video went viral!

National sports media outlets picked up the footage, and shared it giving it a boost. The original video posted to Twitter had over 637,000 views as of Sunday night.

Elmwood-Brimfield’s captain chose paper, while Lewiston’s player chose rock, giving Elmwood-Brimfield the call. It seemed to help because they went on to win 42-14 over Lewiston

"Love football and the life lessons it teaches. Last night Lewistown Coach Darren Winkler and Elmwood/Brimfield CoachTodd Hollis demonstrated friendship and respect starting with trading the pre-game coin toss for a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors!" read the post from Esther Vittitoe Winkle.

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