Watch Geminid Meteor Shower Live on NASA Livestream

You'll have to either stay up late or get up early, but there will be thousands of shooting stars beginning around 3am Wednesday morning, December 15th, as the Geminids Meteor Shower occurs.

The Geminids are a shower of debris caused by a huge space rock called 3200 Phaethon. This debris is released as 3200 Phaeton orbits the sun.

The Earth passes through some of the bits left behind by this space rock every December. When these rocks burn up in the atmosphere they produce an incredible light display!

Make sure you look to the sky through December 17th.

It might be difficult to see in some area due to "light pollution" from living in a city or clouds preventing a clear view of the sky.

Also, the moon is expected to be nearly 80 percent full during the peak of the Geminid shower this week which will also hinder viewing.

But take it from a girl who bundled up last year and sat in a chair in her back yard last year to watch, it is spectacular!

Thanks to NASA, you can also stay inside and view the shower via a livestream currently being hosted b NASA on its NASA Meteor Watch Facebook page.

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