Topps 2021 Atlanta Braves MLB World Series Card Set Blunder

World Series - Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros - Game Six

Photo: Getty Images

Topps has been synonymous with trading cards, particularly baseball cards, for 70 years. This year they made a huge mistake on the Atlanta Braves MLB World Series 2021 set.

Fans and collectors began recieveing their pre-ordered collectors sets in early December and found a major misprint.

The cards mistakenly state that Dusty Baker, not Brian Snitker, was the Championship winning manager of the Atlanta Braves. But that's not the only blunder. It also states the Atlanta Braves won in 5 games when it actually took 6 games to clintch the title.

Fans took to social media to state their diplesasure. Topps released a statement apologizing and in a rare move, they have corrected and reissued a new set..

Look on the bright side, if you were lucky enough to get the set with the error, the value just went up!

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