Fortune Cookie Numbers Win $4 Million!

Veteran Gabriel Fierro really got good luck from a fortune cookie! He recently bought a Mega Millions ticket in the North Carolina Education Lottery using Online Play and added $1 to make it a Megaplier ticket (which would multiply any win). He used the numbers from a fortune cookie he got while having dinner with his wife at Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Charlotte, N.C. - a place the eat at once a week. He matched all five white balls to win $1 million, which quadrupled to $4 million when the "4X Megaplier" hit.

After tax withholdings, he took home $2,840,401 and plans to invest most of the winnings, according to the lottery.

It ended up being the largest win in the history of Online Play in the state.

Lottery proceeds from the NC Educational Lottery go toward public education in North Carolina, with more than $729 million supporting pre-k, school construction, college scholarships, grants and non-instructional support.

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