Woman Bites A Spider In Her Chicken Wrap

A Bacon-Chicken wrap at a major fast-food chain had a little more protein than one British woman asked for. chain had a little more protien than one British woman wanted., until she chomped into something a bit leggy.

According to USA Today, 21-year-old Katie Moss of Winsford, England says she bit into something hard as she was taking her last few bites of the wrap. She said at first she thought it may have been the end of a tomato, but it tasted strange. That's when she pulled it out to take a look and discovered it was a large spider. She said she spat out most of it but had unfortunately had already bitten into it. She said it was an unusual-looking spider and assumed it's not native to the U.K. 

The restaurant offered her a replacement meal....without a spider! offered her a replacement meal...without a spider.

has apologized to the woman and offered her a refund and a replacement meal. They've also taken possession of the spider and are investigating. Meanwhile, Moss says she's paranoid about eating anything else.

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