Bladder Botox?

Traffic everywhere has returned to post-pandemic levels and in some areas it's even worse than before, especially in the larger metropoltian cities.

Every weekend in the summer, young, wealthy professionals ditch the hustle and bustle of New York City and head to The Hamptons. Traffic on the Long Island Expressway has presented a huge problem for people who can't hold it in, sometimes for hours with no opportunities to relieve themselves so New Yorkwes have started requesting Botox injections in their baldder to help!

Doctors say the injections into the bladder helps to reduce the urge to pee. In fact, one urologist says he's seeing more and more people requesting the procedure. There's also another procedure called prostate artery embolization, which reduces the size of the prostate in men enabling them to hold it in longer. 

The hour-long PAE procedure, performed with an interventional radiologist, stops blood from getting to the prostate, shrinking its size. The recovery is typically quick and relatively painless.

Women are turning to "bladder Botox," which is exactly what it sounds like. The effects last for six months.

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