Plane Dodges Hot Air Balloon Over Brazil Airport

A Qatar Airways plane had to dodge an un-manned hot air balloon that floated into its flight path near Brazil's busiest airport.

Pilots quickly adjusted their course as the aircraft prepared to land at Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International Airport on Sunday and avoided disaster.

A photographer on the ground, Rafael Freitas, and a passenger on the flight captured how close the Boeing 777-300ER  came to the balloon, which appeared to be supporting an advertising banner.

Freitas told local media that “the Boeing 777 came in a little misaligned with the runway to avoid the balloon. When it had passed the balloon, it turned to correct its alignment”.

It was not clear how it came so close to the transport hub but thoughts are the balloon may have been used as part of a local festival. Such balloons are illegal in Brazil, but they are commonly seen during the country's month of June festivals, the Festas Juninas.

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