Viral Video of Singing 82nd Airborne Soldiers Harmonize Before A Jump

The 82nd Airborne Division soldiers at Fort Bragg not only are in unison when they jump out of planes and helicopters, but they harmonize great too!

A video of them singing "My Girl" while waiting to load up for a jump has gone viral on TikTok.

Kara Hall , Parachute Rigger in the division, captured the video and said when they are around she will ask them to sing different songs.

“The 82nd ABN DIV Chorus made my day today on the drop zone when I requested an old classic!" Hall said on TikTok "What made it better is that they were in harness jumping from a UH-60 (helicopter).”

The 82nd Airborne Division Association said on Facebook, "Nothing like the All American Chorus to get you moving!!!!" You can see the TikTok or Facebook version of the video below!

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