Woman stands on one leg for hours for Morgan Wallen Autograph

What would you do for a Morgan Wallen autograph? Well, Jerica Frazier stood on one leg for three hours!

There's a little more to the story than just that.

Frazier, 27, was involved in a traumatic car crash in 2016 in which she lost her left leg. She now has a prosthetic leg.

Six years later, she found herself on the front row of the annual Rock the South country music festival in Cullman, Alabama where Morgan Wallen and Hardy were set to perform.

She decided to remove her prosthetic and balance on her right leg hoping to get the artists to sign her prosthetic leg.

The plan worked, but if you know anthing about prosthetics, it's not like slipping on a boot. It takes a minute to install it so in order to get the autographs she had to spend that time frame propped on Family and friends balancing on her good leg.

By the way, both Hardy and Morgan Wallen quickly signed it as soon as they saw her.

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