Floods in North Georgia Displace Families

Heavy rain has caused several families to be displaced in the areas around Chattooga County and Floyd County this Labor Day weekend. 10 to 13 inches of rain fell causing heavy flooding resulting in blocked roads, knocked down trees and damaged homes..

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued a state of emergency  Sunday.

The whole downtown Summerville was flooded. They were asking people not to go downtown.

North Summerville Baptist Church is acting as an emergency shelter. The church teamed up with the American Red Cross to not only provide shelter but clothing and other necessities at the church. Goods will be distributed on Labor Day from Noon until 5 p.m. at Central Avenue Baptist Church.

On its website, the city of Summerville issued a water boiling notice “to protect the public from a potential health hazard.”

Mayor Harry Harvey said this is an emergency: “Now we have a crisis as far as the water is concerned. We have low pressure in some areas, and we have some areas where there is not any water at all. We do have a boil water advisory, and we do ask the people to follow that boil water advisory. We are doing everything that we can to take care of this. We do not know the damage. We will have an assessment beginning hopefully tomorrow if the waters recede.”

Bottled water will be available at North Summerville Baptist Church for residents who are without water.

Currently the best way to help is through the American Red Cross via donations or as a volunteer. Click here for info

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