How I lost 3 sizes and 28 pounds!

I've always struggled with my weight but the pandemic kicked my butt! I gained 50 pounds! Usually it was easy to just get serious for a few months of dieting, work out a ton and I would drop the weight and inches but something changed in the last two years. I was doing all of the regular things I did to drop the weight and it wasn't working. No matter how much I dieted. No matter how hard I worked out. Nothing was budging. My doctor's were even perplexed. We ran a ton of test. No issues. I tried a nutritionist. Nope. I tried doctor perscribed diet drops. Nope. Itried a personal trainer. Nope. I tried starving myself. BIG NOPE. (don't try that!)

It started affecting every part of my life. I was depressed because even though I am on the radio, our bosses are constantly telling us to "be on social media". I became the self proclaimed "Selfie Queen" so the only thing people saw was my face. I turned down persoanl appearnaces and invitations to do things with friends because I didn't want anyone to know how large I had gotten. Please don't mistake this for vanity. I am the first one to tell people to be comfortable in their own skin, but I had gained so much weight that my knees and back hurt, my skin was awful and I couldn't even sleep through the night.

I was sad and crabby and I didn't even like being around myself!

In January of 2022 Dr. Darcy Ward and Greensboro Weightloss came into my life. Their program was one I hadn't tried and when they told me I could lose a half pound to a pound a day with out excercising and counting calories, I figured what do I have to lose (except weight of course!)

That was the day my life changed.

Of course, I was skeptical at first because of all of the failed attempts I had at loseing weight, but Dr. Ward took the time to review my day to day schedule and help me put together the perfect plan to start dropping the weight. My friends Lora Songster and Matt Pencola had started the program a few weeks ahead of me and I kept seeing them just get thinner every day. It was the motivation I needed!

I had a whole team of people who believed in me at Greensboro Weightloss. They kept in constant contact with me. Encouraging me and giving me tips to handle any roadblock I had coming up like travel or long work days etc....

Before I knew it I was 28 pounds down, 3 sizes smaller and I felt amazing! I still FEEL amazing because I have kept the weight off. My knees and back don't hurt anymore. I'm sleeping through the night.

I can't thank the team at Greensboro Weightloss enough for helping me reach my goal. If any of what you just read sounds familiar to you and you want to get started on your journey to being a healthier YOU, call Dr. Darcy Ward and her team at Greensboro Weightloss at 336-347-1085 and just tell them I told you to call or you can schedule a free consultation at

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