Zac Brown Band denied entry into Canada

People Magazine reported that Zac Brown Band canceled a show in Vancouver at Rogers Arena Friday night after some of its members were denied entry into Canada at the border.

In a statement shared with PEOPLE, the band said "We're sorry to announce that we won't be able to perform in Vancouver tonight. Our Canadian fans are incredible, and we would love nothing more than to share an evening of music together,"

The statement went on to explain the reason.

"Some of our crew members had charges on their records from over a decade ago that have since been removed. Our team has regularly performed in Canada for 10 years, including two performances this year alone."

Acoording to PEOPLE, the group said every time they've traveled to Canada, they "have been at the mercy of a single border agent who decides who is allowed in to work, and unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it in the country last night."

"We are a family, a tribe. We stick together and support each other and we never leave anyone behind. As a band who prides themselves on showing up with excitement and professionalism, we will always play where we are welcome and appreciated, and we're so sorry we can't be there tonight."

PEOPLE also said that a source shared more details of what happened at the border, "Zac and his band and crew were detained in Vancouver for two hours because a few of his crew members had infractions that had been expunged years and years ago. Zac refused to leave his crew members behind because they're like a family, so he decided to cancel the show. He's super upset about it because he loves his fans but he always says his crew — they're like a family."

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