Dansby Swanson's Farewell video to Braves Country

For Braves fans, this week has been bitter sweet. The band-aid was finally ripped off and what we all assumed would happen, happened. Our All-Star, Golden Glove, World Series Champ Short Stop Dansby Swanson decided to leave us for the Windy City and play for the Chicago Cubs. His farewell video below made me cry.

As a life long Braves fan, I'm sad. But I get it. Not only is he a great baseball player, he's a great husband too. Chicago is where his new wife Mallory plays soccer for the Chicago Red Star. They can now actually see other play as well as spend time together on off days. Plus, the Cubs gave him $177 Million! How can you hate a guy for wanting to spend more time with his wife and make more money?!

I have so many memories of incredible Dansby Swanson plays on the field for the Braves, but the day I fell in love with Dansby was a post game moment I don't think he even realized anyone noticed.

October 2, 2017 - It was the last game at Turner Field. The Braves organiztion put together a heart-warming, emotional ceremony, complete with Braves Legend Hank Aaron lifted the home plate at Turner Field, hopped on a luxury bus and hand delivered it to its new home of the Atlanta Braves, Sun Trust (Now Truist) park in Marietta, Ga.

My husband Tim and I were there, and through my tears - (Yes I was crying! Lots of memories at that ball park!) I spot Dansby, standing just outside the dugout amongst the crowd of on lookers. Still in his uniform, snapping pix with his phone. Just like every other fan in the stadium. It was that day that I realized Dansby Swanson was much more than an Atlanta Braves player, he was just like me. He was a Braves fan!

I'm pretty sure he will always be a Braves fan. Maybe in 7 years he can come home and wrap up his career with us. Until then, thank you Dansby! Thank you for all of your hard work, for being a team leader, for all of the things you have done for our community and for never giving up until the Atlanta Braves FINALLY won another World Series!

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