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Here's Why You Need To Know Who Chase Claypool Is

You may not know who Chase Claypool is, but I have a feeling after you hear this story…you’re never going to forget it. Chase Claypool is a wide receiver playing in his first season in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He’s becoming a big star, but it’s not just what he’s doing on the field that’s making such a huge impression on football fans. He’s also touching the lives of others off the field, including longtime Steelers fan Jimmy Swoager -- who was recently diagnosed with dementia.

Chase saw a video of 76-year-old Jimmy, created by Jimmy’s son, BJ, and wanted to help boost the family’s spirits.

So, Chase sent Jimmy an autographed jersey -- which gave everyone a huge boost.

BJ said that nobody had seen any emotion out of his father for the past two months, which was hard to watch, especially since everyone knew him as a “yeller” who had fun “screaming at refs” during Steelers games.

Well, when Jimmy received the gift from Chase, Jimmy was overjoyed and started weeping, telling BJ that this was the best memory that he was going to have -- and already had plans to wear the jersey to church on Sunday. 

I don’t know about you, but it’s been hard for me not to become a little detached from the NFL over the last few years. But this story reminded me that I’ve got to take a harder look at the individual players…not the league. So Chase Claypool, you’ve got a new fan in Atlanta. And you’re the good stuff. Watch the video below. It's pretty touching.

Photo: Getty Images

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