Georgia Man Constructs Atlanta Braves Light Display

Just when you thought Braves-mania might be starting to wind down, think again. A magical light display in south Atlanta has gone viral. Robert Burton, a retired high school band director, has a passion for light displays.He went viral back in 2013 when he synced the display to the famous Kick 6 in the Tigers’ upset of Alabama.

But this display, which lasts for 60-seconds, is a tribute to the World Series Champions. And now that he has shared a video of it, it’s going viral again. Ironically, Robert wasn’t a huge Atlanta Braves enthusiast. He watched a Braves-Brewers game. He loved seeing the crowd. He described it as electric.

“In all my years - and this includes Auburn and Alabama games - I’ve never seen a crowd so electric, so unified. It was 44,000 people having just one, big party,” he said.

It took Robert about a month to construct the display. So how did he know they would win it all? He just had a feeling after watching that first playoff game. Again, he admittedly wasn’t a Braves super fan.But he says he is now.

If you wanted to see it in-person, you can't. He shut it down last night. Maybe he's getting ready to do a new Christmas display!

Photo: Getty Images

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