Local Nurse Has Best Work Day EVER!

Kelsey Dunlap met her boyfriend Jacob Young last year while working for Wellstar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta. Kind of a nice surprise during what any healthcare worker will tell you has been the roughest two years of their careers. Well, On October 15th, Kelsey was wheeling a stretcher to pick up a patient from the AirLife helicopter. Except…there was no patient on board. Instead, Jacob came around the front of the helicopter. Once she saw him, it took her a second to process.

But then he dropped to one knee holding a ring box. Through complete surprise…then total shock…then realization…she nodded her head yes. Kelsey admits that she’s not the easiest person to surprise. Jacob said it took a village of nurses and managers to get Kelsey up to the helipad at the right moment.

This couple is just so cute. Kelsey posted a video of the proposal on social media saying…

What I thought was just another day at work, picking up another patient off the helipad.
INSTEAD…. The love of my life flew in on a helicopter, dropped to a knee, and made me the luckiest girl on the planet.

We all needed this story. Congratulations, Kelsey and Jacob! And thank you for what you do! You’re The Good Stuff!

Photo: Getty Images

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