Drunk Granny Goes to Jail

My grandma certainly wasn't the typical grandmother. She was a tomboy. She certainly didn't fit the mold. But WOW...this granny really blows the image of what we visualize when it comes to sweet little old ladies knitting scarves.

Cops in Ohio were called to a gas station after reports of a woman being passed out behind the wheel of her Nissan. When they caught up with the lady, they discovered she was a grandma…and instead of smelling of gingerbread and baby powder…she allegedly reeked of booze!

Granny denied drinking…and said she’d just “dropped off her grandkids” as proof.

Cops say Granny might have been fibbing. She was slurring and unable to pass a field sobriety test. But it gets worse.

Officers searched the car and discovered an open bottle of vodka, two straws, and a “white powdery substance,” which later tested positive for cocaine.

Granny has since been hit with various charges, including drug possession…and failure to use her turn signal.

Daaaaang, Granny...sigh.

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