You Only Need One Thing To Have The Flakiest Holiday Pie Crust

I've watched my mom fight with pie crusts my whole life. And now that I'm older, I don't even try anymore. I just buy the crusts at the grocery store. But there's one little problem - they're hard after you bake them. REALLY hard. Not flaky.

You want flakier pie crust? Okay, well all you need is one additional ingredient - VODKA.

I'm not joking about this.

The wetter your dough, the less likely it is to tear or fall apart when you're preparing it. Seems easy - just add water. But if you add more water, your crust will be tougher once you cook it.

The key is to replace part of the water with vodka when making your dough. Vodka adds moisture to the dough. A moist dough makes a moist pie crust - which is easier to handle. And don't worry about the vodka. The majority of the moisture from the alcohol evaporates during baking so that your pie crust is yummy and flaky. Enjoy!

Photo: Getty Images

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