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Woman Breastfeeds Hairless Cat On Delta Flight

When you board an airplane, you never know who is going to sit next to you. Will you get the family with the child that is screaming? Or how about the guy who won’t say a word to you? Maybe you’ll get the woman who is incredibly chatty. It’s a crap-shoot. But I guarantee you NEVER think you’ll get the woman breastfeeding her cat. That’s right. A woman actually breastfed her hairless cat recently on a Delta flight.

Imagine being the flight attendant who has to address this! Who wakes up and thinks they’ll have to ask a passenger to stop breastfeeding their hairless cat! The message on the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) to alert the crew said that the passenger in seat 13A “is breastfeeding a cat” and that she would not put the cat back into its carrier when requested.

Another flight attendant on the flight took to TikTok explaining what happened.

“This woman had one of those, like, hairless cats swaddled up in a blanket so it looked like a baby. Her shirt was up and she was trying to get the cat to latch and she wouldn’t put the cat back in the carrier. And the cat was screaming for its life.”

She went on to say that the passenger took out a packet of butter, spread it over her nipple, and continued to try and breastfeed the cat. She revealed in a separate post that security did get involved. She wasn't sure what happened to the woman or her cat once the plane landed.

That flight attendant has since deleted her account.

Delta does allow cats on flights. They allow small dogs, cats and household birds to board domestic flights, but the animals must be able to fit in small-ventilated pet carriers.

Delta’s website also outlines its policies of women breastfeeding children.

“Delta fully supports a woman’s right to breastfeed on board Delta and Delta Connection aircraft and in Delta facilities. Breast pumps are allowed on board. At the airport and if you prefer, many airports do offer private lactation rooms or spaces.”

Rick Wilson posted the ACARS on Twitter.

Photo: Getty Images

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