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Kristen's Favorite Things - Valentine's Edition Pick #1

Valentine's Day is a tricky little holiday, isn't it? Some people think it's silly. Others say "every day should be Valentine's Day." I totally respect both perspectives. I don't have a Valentine this year, but I'm still in love with love. And I love to give gifts. The best thing about giving a great gift is seeing the reaction. Your gift should always let the other person know that you're invested in them and that you pay attention.

This gift is great for anybody who is outside a lot in cold weather. A football or band mom or dad that has spent many Friday nights freezing at a game. A person that stays cold all of the time. Maybe somebody who is planning a ski trip. Maybe a teacher that takes the kids outside on cold days for recess. Maybe you've got a camper in your life. Maybe it's for the person in the family that always walks the dog - despite the weather. It's a gift that keeps you warm. If you can't be there to give that warmth, give them something that can. And yes, you can steal that line. You have my permission.


Y'all, it's a quality of life booster! I've had mine for about two years. I can't tell you how many football games, tennis matches, outdoor hikes/walks and remote broadcasts I've done in this thing. Heck, I've even worn it in the house to get warm. It has a rechargeable battery pack. There are lots of different fabrics and styles. It's one of those gifts that people never think about - or think about wanting or needing, but it's practical and fairly inexpensive. It's unique. It's a conversation starter. Every time I wear mine, people think it's just the coolest thing ever. And listen, if he/she hates it...just blame me.

You can even get heated vests. Mine came from Amazon. If you act fast, you still have time to order and receive it before February 14th.

And maybe they'll not quite "get it" when they open it. That's when you use the line above. Or even better, you recall moments when they've been so cold and you tell them how much you just want to keep them comfortable and happy. It's not flowers. It's not candy. It's not sparkly. But honestly, were you going to do any of that stuff anyway? And for the record, women know when men waited until the last minute to run to the grocery store to buy candy and flowers. If you've already punched that ticket a time or ten...don't do it again.

And because I'm channeling my inner Oprah, Kelly Clarkson, Tamron Hall and every other talk-show host who "gifts" their can enter to win one for your honey and yourself on 94.9 The Bull's Instagram page! I chose the fleece jackets and I hope you'll love them! (Sizes XL and 2XL)

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