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Kristen's Favorite Things - Valentine's Edition Pick #5

Think about how much time your honey love spends behind the wheel. Atlanta commutes are no joke. Then add how many miles they drive taking the kids to practice and picking them up from school. Weekend errands. Road trips. We spend so much time on the road! So let's take the experience in the car a little better!

The most important thing a gift should say to the recipient is that you care. You want them to know that you're 100% invested in making their life a little happier. This gift bundle can definitely do that. It's a bunch of stuff they can use when they're in their vehicle.

I featured a few things around the holidays that were incredibly popular. So I'm bringing them back for Valentine's Day. Since we eat so many meals while we're behind the wheel, I've included a tray that fits over the steering wheel. When your Valentine is pulled over to eat a quick meal, they just slide the tray over the steering wheel to make a little "countertop" to hold their food. It's also a great little lap-top holder for anybody doing paperwork or orders in the car. If they can't stop to eat, I've added a french-fry holder that fits in the cup holder. There's also a sauce holder that clips to one of the vents. You can see photos below. (brands may vary)

I really appreciate a good car care kit. A little tire shine and leather cleaner makes a huge difference, don't you think? So I'll throw in some of those items. And a mini-vac for easy quick cleaning when something gets spilled. You just plug into the lighter of your car.

And let's not forget the car lights. When they open the doors, they'll see an American flag on the ground! We're country music lovers and we love America!

Just a few things to let them know that you want to make their commute time a better time...

Head to 94.9 The Bull's Instagram and look for my video for this gift idea. Tag your sweetie in the comments and you could win all of this stuff! Give me a follow while you're there - @radiokristen.

If you missed yesterday's gift, I've posted that below too.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Photos: Getty Images

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