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Four Things Your Guy Will Tell You That May Mean He's Cheating

Who better to give you tips on how to tell if your man is cheating on you than a woman who only dates married people? First of all...who ONLY dates married men? Well, Amy Kupps does. She went viral last year after saying that she doesn’t care that she’s a home-wrecker is now spilling the tea on the top secrets that cheating spouses don’t want you to know.

Amy, who happens to be an OnlyFans model (shocker) says “Husbands spend more on me than they do on their wives.” Here are the four excuses she says could mean that your man is meeting up with someone like her:

“I’m meeting up with a friend tonight for a quick drink, but don’t wait up for me as I might be a while.”

“I have meetings and/or am traveling all week for work.”

“I’ve got a new credit card but it’s just for work, so don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t call my work phone – my boss will get upset if I take personal calls.”

Amy says that if you’re given any of those four excuses, especially being told not to call their work phone, it’s a clear sign you’ve got a cheater on your hands. Kupps also says that if your husband or boyfriend is fooling around “you only have yourself to blame.”

She just sounds like a real gem, doesn't she? Insert eye roll...

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