Why Boaters Shouldn't Dock Under A Drawbridge

Drawbridges freak me out when I see them. I always think about people falling through them when the ramp rises. These boaters in Florida found out that it's just as dangerous under the bridge.

Don't ignore the signs posted under a bridge. This group of friends ignored all of the signs posted. The signs warned, "Unauthorized Personnel Prohibited," "No Trespassing Violators will be Prosecuted," and "Danger Moving Machinery."

As they were having a great time on their boat and reportedly taking shelter from heavy rain, the bridge started to open and the moving machinery crushed the boat like a soda can. 

Luckily, everyone on the boat survived. Some jumped into the water while others grabbed onto the boat as it was crushed.

Usually when you think about the dangers associated with a drawbridge you think about falling through the opened span of the bridge or crashing into the rising ramp. But as one boat-load of Floridians found out last weekend, it's just as dangerous under the bridge. Other boaters took this cell phone video.

believed the boaters were hanging out under the bridge to seek shelter from heavy rain.

Photo: Getty Images

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