Kelly Clarkson's Ex Thinks She's Spying On Him

Kelly Clarkson's ex, Brandon Blackstock has become camera shy. He's demanding that Kelly remove all of the security cameras from the Montana ranch house where he now lives.

Radar Online is reporting that Brandon obtained a court hearing about the cameras in and around the house. The hearing was held before the same judge they used to mediate their divorce settlement. His argument was that Kelly is using the cameras to spy on him. There's been no word about whether Brandon got his way on the issue or not.

Though Kelly is the official owner of the property, their divorce agreement states that Brandon can keep living there as long as he keeps up $12,500 monthly payments.

I seriously doubt Kelly is so desperate for entertainment that she needs to stream Brandon all day. Let's be real, the woman works non-stop. But hey...when you don't have much to do, it gives you plenty of time to think people are spying on you, right?

Photo: Getty Images

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