Ever Heard Of A Butter Board?

pieces of butter on wooden cutting board isolated on white background

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I’m going to credit the pandemic for so many people turning their attention to TikTok and all things life. Remember all of the beautiful videos of charcuterie boards? And then all of the funny videos of people trying to actually say the word “charcuterie”?

These boards took on a life of their own. I don’t think I’ve attended a gathering in the last year that didn’t feature a charcuterie board as the main focal point of the food spread.  They’re pretty…and pretty impressive.

But with all things food…and social media…and viral…there’s a new board in town. Introducing…the butter board.

It’s built by spreading softened butter on a board. Pretty self-explanatory. But let’s make sure we all understand that a butter board isn’t a dip board. You put a knife on the board so people can spread it on their piece of bread or cracker.

Now I know what you’re thinking…”why put butter on a board when you can just slice it and spread it?”

That’s where it gets interesting. Butters can definitely be just plain. OR…you can really gussy up the butter with all kinds of flavors. I’ll show some examples below.

Butter boards are the new “it” thing on social media. If you search the hashtag #ButterBoard on TikTok, you’ll see that it has over 80 million views…maybe more by the time you read this. And it seems like the more gussied up the butter is, the better.

I’m thinking of a butter board with butter (duh) and maybe some cinnamon and sugar and nuts.But others are adding jam, honey, veggies, goat cheese, fruits, meat and even edible flowers!

Paula Deen is probably loving this!

Photo: Getty Images

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