Woman Tries To Surprise Hubby In Lingerie But Runs Into Grandma

Lace lingerie and silk robe placed on bed

Photo: Getty Images

Spicing things up in your marriage.... can lead to an embarrassing situation. One girl just found out the hard way.

TikTok user Kenzielynnsmith attempted to surprise her husband when he got home in a sexy little lace outfit but it quickly went horribly wrong.

First she show a piece of lingerie and says she's about to run out to his car to get him all hot and bothered. She jokes about the neighbors possibly seeing before just committing to the moment. She then runs out to get into the car looking scantily clad, when to her surprise grandma is in the backseat. Her husband looking disappointed and embarrassed as he says, "Grandma wanted to see the new car". Grandma didn't mind though, she said Kenzie "looked good". I'm sure she appreciate the effort. She probably did the same back in her prime.

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