Chris Janson Play "Most Likely To" And Calls Out Famous Friends

Chris Janson Blames Kid Rock For Kid's Embarrassing 2nd Grade Speech

MKO talked with Star and Host of Georgia Country Jam with 94.9 The Bull, Chris Janson. Aside from talking about how excited Chris is to be back in GA May 19th for our Bull show,
we played the "Most Likely To" game. We found out which of his friends is most likely to get a random drunkin tattoo, run for President, and be the worst influence on his kids.

To Be or not to Be the Cool Parent

Today on this part of the show, Moote is getting crocs, Luke Combs has new music out and do you try to be the cool parent ot not when it comes to drinking?

Zoom Fails in the Court Room


Getting Hit on at the Funeral


Where Rick Ross' Buffalo Roam

Tday on this part of the show, stolen foams carrots, Madeline Montgomery from Atlanta News First tells us about the Rick Ross buffalo roaming wild and we hear about crazy animal encounters.

Ex Streaming Problems

Today on this part of the show, Otis and his root canal, going back to high school at 30 and getting arrested and getting an Ex to get off your streaming platforms.

Moote was Duped by his Wife

On this part of the show, a man gets shot over a card game, Moote makes everyone mad who went to UGA, Moote also gets duped by his wife into taking their son to his first appointment with shots.

Throwing Family Out of your Wedding

On this part of the show, Otis loses his voice, Blanco Brown hits a scary high note, on ask the show we hear about kicking someone out of the wedding and sad tweets about seping break seaweed on the beach on FL

Rollin' in a Jalopy for a First Car