Kid Stuck in the Claw Machine

Pads with Wings

Today on the show we talk about duh today years old moments, the whataburger line, cocaine bear and cub er Monday fails before a Giving Tuesday.

Old People Twerking and Homemade Gifts

Today on the after show, we talk about gift giving strategies and how will we dance at weddings someday

Having a Baby in a Bathroom

Today on the show, the Monday after Thanksgiving is a struggle bus situation, there is a new Whataburger in GA and is it overrated and where is the wildest place that you have had a baby?

Thanksgiving in "Style"

Today on the show we chat a lot about thanksgiving and also the secret Easter egg for Taylor Tix

Meet the Parents... For Good or Bad

Today on the show, Moote has a warning for adults into the turkey bowl backyard football, Otis had to have a talk with his 6yo about ding dong ditch and is 2 mos dating too soon to meet the parents?

Sketchy Hotel Hot Tubs

Today on the show, sketchy hotel accommodations

Travel Fails and a Raccoon for Dinner

today on the show, we have travel fail stories, a raccoon for dinner at the White House and messing up a proposal

Weed at the Waffle House

Today on the after show, Ronndell from GA Followers hang out and talk all about what is trending in ATL.

Wading through Water to get Fired

Today on the show, worst ways you got fired, what food is canceled from Thanksgiving, a fugitive jumped in a lake and ticketmaster broke