Video: Welcome to 2023... And Coffee Drones

transport by drone The new dimension of the modern era.

Photo: Getty Images

No one wants to speak, let alone move until they've had that morning cup of goodness. What if you could have it delivered by drone? shared a drone video where a drone was dropping off some sugar for a soldier in the trenches to enjoy his morning coffee. The wrote on IG, "A drone proves to be a multi-purpose thing. It can pinpoint the enemy’s positions or .. get you sugar for your morning coffee right in trenches!"

Now, sugar dropped from the sky is a lot safer than scorching hot coffee, but we're getting closer. Someone is probably trying to figure that out as we speak and they probably work for Starbucks. I mean... who wouldn't love to be resting nicely in bed and be delivered a warm cup of heaven without moving a muscle.

All it took was a short search on Youtube to find people trying to get coffee to themselves in the laziest way possible. I wouldn't try this at home with y0ou wife though, because just based on the "law of husbands"... you're guaranteed to screw it up and she'll end up in the ER with 3rd degree burns.

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