Kimmie's Critters: Meet Big Sky!

Photo: Fred Strobel

Name: Big Sky

Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 4.5 years

Breed: Hound

Time at PAWS Atlanta: 3.5 years

Likes: anything active, enrichment games

Dislikes: being bored


This beautiful boy is Big Sky. He has been at PAWS Atlanta for a while, mostly because small talk and quick adoption meet-ups aren’t really his thing. He’s a little rusty with decorum and needs to work on his manners a bit. Being in the shelter for a long time can have that effect. He likes to jump up on new people when he says hello, as he has no idea that he weighs 65 pounds. He’s doing well in training, learning a more laid back approach to greeting strangers, like a nice “sit,” with his bottom on the ground. Smart and confident, Big Sky is active and incredibly fit. He would love to have someone active to take him on runs, hikes, or any other type of adventure. He’d be an ideal fitness partner and a loyal friend. If you are looking for a smart, striking, active companion, he would be a terrific fit. We recommend that Big Sky find a forever home without kids and who would be willing to help him continue to master the art of living with his people.  

Click HERE for information on how to meet Big Sky and how adoptions from PAWS Atlanta work.

Photo: Fred Strobel

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