MKO HomeTown Fame-Ness Bracket

Georgia Country Stars

Photo: Getty Images

Georgia has dominated the Country Music scene for decades and birthed some of the most massive country stars on the planet and in history.

In honor of the crazy basketball brackets everyone is glued to in March, we've created the MKO Hometown Fame-ness bracket to have some fun with. It's all your favorite stars from right here in Georgia. Rally up your hometown and show some voting love for your local superstar.

We'll vote daily on @949TheBull Instagram and @MooteKimmieOtis stories until we get a clear winner of who is Georgia's most famous superstar. Will there be some Cinderella stories from new comer country artists? Or will the classic stars prevail. It's New Country vs. All Time Favorites in the heated battle.

Here is the bracket to print off:

MKO March Fameness

Photo: iHeart Media Atlanta/MKO

VOTE NOW go to stories to vote. Share with friends and locals to help out your most famous hometown GA Country artist.

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