Jake Owen Told MKO "I Hit A Guy Once" When Golfiing

AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am - Round Three

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Jake Owen is back in Atlanta tonight at The Tabernacle. He talked about going to that venue for shows as a young artist. He also is an avid golfer and admitted that he "hit a guy once".

Owen told Moote, Kimmie, and Otis "I went with my older brother... to quite a few shows there at the Tabernacle. So to be able to go there now and play my own show is really cool."

Otis joked with him that his IG is filled with mostly golfing. Owen said "I've always been a golfer. I'm not one of those guys that's like 'Hey, check out my music'!" He's a pretty solid golfer and has participated in several Pro-Am's with big stars, but he admitted "when you have that many people watching you, I'm freaking out. And it's not that I can't play golf. It's that I'll hit somebody." That fear came true once when he said "I hit a guy right in the noggin".

Owen is also a car lover. He owns some pretty vintage cars, including the VW Bus that was on his album and video. "That 1966 VW Van, back when I had American Country Love Song, I drove that van. It's covered in signatures and it's just a really cool special thing."

Owen said he loves to buy random toys. He even bought a little ramp for his daughter to jump in a small pond that is in his back yard. "I think everybody like once a quarter should have to post their Amazon purchases," joking about all the weird things he likes to buy.

You can catch Jake at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Tonight (April 14th)

His newest song is called "Up there Down Here":

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