Drew Baldridge Has The Wedding Song Of 2023 "She's Somebody's Daughter"

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Photo: Rick Diamond / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

It's the wedding song of 2023. A beautiful country ballad about a Father and her daughter from the prospective of her husband. Drew Baldriges is a rising star out of Nashville that has sent an incredibly heartfelt song into the social verse and reached several hundred million plays to date. He's talks about the shock of the song taking off and even surprising several brides at their weddings. 

Baldridge is known for a few country hits like "Rebound", "Senior Year", and "Guns and Roses", but no song has taken of in a very organic way quite like "She's Somebody's Daughter". Baldridge talked about how he wrote the song after the first time of meeting his wife, Kaite's Dad. He knew in that moment how special she was to him and how important it was to protect her heart because of all the other people that hold it so dear.

Here is the viral hit song "She's Somebody's Daughter"

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